Anti Reflection Film Roll

Using our specially developed anti reflection (AR) coating, we can supply as either a roll of film or in sheet form.

Anti Reflection Film Roll

A reflection (of light) will occur whenever light travels from a medium of a certain refractive index into a medium with a different refractive index. A mirror is the classic example of this in operation, light or an image hits the glass with a metallic base layer, causing the light or image to bounce off it, hence the reflection.

In the case of mirrors, a reflection is good – it’s what they are made to do. There are times and applications where reflections are unwanted and luckily, there are options available to facilitate zero (or near to zero) reflection.

Diamond Coatings Anti Reflection Film Roll

Of course Diamond Coatings produce an anti reflective film! This would be a pretty useless blog if we didn’t try to pitch our products every now and then (ok, most of the time…). Using our specially developed anti reflection (AR) coating, we can supply as either a roll of film or in sheet form.

A little reflection doesn’t hurt though, does it? For us, that doesn’t really work. If you can enhance a product, then enhance it. There are so many valid real-world applications of anti reflection film in action, below we list some good examples.

Anti Reflection Film Roll Applications

The lazy and basic answer is anywhere you don’t want to see a reflection. A more in-depth answer would explore how anti reflection can aide and assist people in everyday situations…

Security Screens – Think Covid, think those barrier screens that helped to stop the transmission within public areas. Those public areas are mostly well-lit environments, and the use of anti reflective films made a bad situation ever so slightly better, for both sides of the screen. You can read more about anti reflective covid screens at the link.

Windows – Particularly in the public / retail domain. A store window in front of a high foot-fall really does not want the display to be compromised by light reflection.

Art – Most galleries and museums around the world are now adopting anti reflective display solutions (in a lot of cases, our AR film or sheets). It’s only right that works of art are displayed in their best possible format. By utilising an anti reflective film, framed paintings are now no longer subject to reflections.

We wrote a blog recently where we started by asking the question what is art? The answer is beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so anything considered beautiful (to you) is art, from a range of (quite beautiful) signed rugby shirts to a finger-painted piece produced by your own offspring – if you consider it art, it is – and sometimes these pieces will be framed. What follows framing? Reflections!

If you do have a framed piece that is suffering reflection affliction, there is hope…

Did you know?…

Did you know Diamond Coatings sell anti reflection film roll directly from this website? As well as being anti reflective, our film also has optimal anti-static and abrasion resistance properties, adding to the overall performance of a high-quality film.

Talk to us today to discuss your anti reflective requirements. We would be happy to advise the best product to suit your needs.




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