Anti Reflective Screens For A Barrier Society

As the World comes to terms with COVID and learning to live with any restrictions that are in place, it is a good time to review how things can be made better.

Anti Reflective Screens For A Barrier Society

As the World comes to terms with COVID and learning to live with any restrictions that are in place, it is a good time to review how things can be made better, even if it is just a slight improvement. This is true in all areas, but we are focusing on any environments that have suffered with restricted vision that has occurred from a health and safety reaction to the Pandemic.

When plastic barriers were first installed in commercial, business and medical environments, I looked at them reassuringly – a little scared, but reassured. They were helping to protect people on both sides of these clear partitions.

It’s quite possible these COVID screens will be a way of life for many years now, if not indefinitely.

At the outbreak of the pandemic, it was essential that there was an immediate response in reducing and preventing the spread of the virus. As a result, we saw an uptake in various sectors such as retail and travel environments using plastic Covid screen protectors to not only offer protection to staff, customers and users but also find an efficient way to resume their day to day business activities in a way which was as safe as possible.

Anti-Reflective COVID Screens

As these screens become more prevalent in our day to day lives, the functionality become more known and some of the flaws become more obvious. One noticeable issue with these screens is there can be a strong glare. I remember once being in a local supermarket and the poor checkout girl had sat for most of the morning with sunlight bouncing off her partition straight into her eyes. As a keyworker at the height of the pandemic, I really felt for her.

Diamond Coatings were inundated with enquiries from businesses seeking a solution for the amount of high reflection complaints they were getting from their staff and customers.

They had concerns particularly that in well-lit shops or natural light transport environments that it was becoming difficult to engage with the person on the other side of the screen and things we took for granted previously like normal communication, was more challenging with the reflection from these divider screens.

Safety without visual compromise.

As we move on, we need to adapt. The screens that are in place have helped to minimise infection rates and most likely saved countless lives. Now is the time to review and make them better.

Where there is light, there is reflection… But there doesn’t need to be.

The Solution – Anti-Reflective Film

Diamond Coatings started offering their super-efficient and high performing anti-reflective film, laminated onto glass and plastic which massively reduced the effect and improved user experiences.

By applying a thin anti-reflective film, human interaction can be enhanced – which right now can only be a good thing.

Diamond Coatings Visin Anti-reflective film provides 97% light transmission resulting in virtually zero reflection from either side and reduced eye strain. This anti-reflective film is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and offers industry-leading levels of protection to the face and eyes from airborne viruses and pathogens.

The anti-reflective film is available on a roll (width 1250mm), supplied in linear metres. The roll comes with a clear adhesive backing with added protective qualities on both sides.

You can order directly from our website here. If you have specific dimension requirements or would just like to know more about our anti-reflective film, please get in touch. We would be happy to hear from you.




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