PPE Face Shields UK

PPE Face Shield UK

Face shields provide a necessary barrier between airborne pathogens and viruses. With the current risk of Coronavirus, it is important to have a face shield that meets all the certifications required and is also comfortable.

Diamond Coatings face shields provide levels of protection to the face, eyes, nose and mouth from airborne pathogens and viruses such as the coronavirus, while allowing the wearer a full range of head movement.

The fully adjustable head strap ensures the face shield can be worn securely by anyone, providing a comfortable barrier. At Diamond Coatings, we also offer an anti-reflective option.

Why Anti-Reflective coating is important:

Diamond Coatings Visin Enhanced Performance Face Shields are coated with an Anti-Reflection Coating on both sides providing 97% light transmission performance. This provides next to zero reflection from either the external side or the internal viewing side of the face shield in all lighting conditions.

The visual clarity provided by our anti-reflective coating results in an enhanced performing PPE Face Shield, importantly, reducing eye strain on the user especially in situations where the face shield must be worn for longer durations and in high ambient light conditions.

This is most beneficial where visual clarity is paramount to the user’s ability to undertake detailed work or production operations.

Normal face shields have around 89% light transmission through the shield with reflections being visible, whether that be your own reflection or from something on the external side of the visor. This also results in glare from common lighting conditions, severely affecting the wearers vision.

Please view our Visin PPE Face Shields here.

Government guidelines dictate that many workplaces now require certified PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to be provided to protect workers. Our face shields could be a good investment for the long term safety of your workplace.

Our Visin PPE Face Shields are fully certified to BS EN166:2002 and are manufactured in the UK at our state-of-the-art plant, in the Midlands, England. We have developed our range of Visin PPE face shields with the suitability of use across many industries in mind, to create a comfortable and safe PPE solution.

Medical grade materials are used to create the face shields to ensure adherence to British Standards.

Visin PPE Face Shields

Our PPE face shields allow for full head movement and full shielding of the face to offer maximum protection with minimal disruption to the wearer. The face shields can be cleaned and reused, providing a cost-effective option for PPE in the workplace. As the face shields are reusable and highly durable, they are designed to last, meaning less waste.

The PPE face shields are hard coated and possess anti-static properties allowing for full cleaning and removal of static dust particles. The hard-coated service increases durability and longevity of this protective equipment. Both of the face shields we offer provide you with a comfortable and safe solution for your team.

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