Is this the most advanced Glass Microscope Slide  

We supply an advanced glass microscope slide – one that allows an electric charge to pass over the surface of the slide whilst remaining completely transparent

Is this the most advanced Glass Microscope Slide  

At Diamond Coatings, we supply standard microscope slides but we also offer a more advanced type of slide – one that allows an electric charge to pass over the surface of the slide whilst remaining completely transparent.

This is achieved by coating the slides with a thin film of ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) which is both conductive and totally clear, making it absolutely perfect for use in electron microscopy – the specimen no longer requires a charge running through it, which prolongs the lifespan of the specimen as well as being immediately and accessibly viewable.

So a totally clear slide that is electrically conductive – This has to be the most advanced glass microscope slide, right?

As well as its popular use in microscope slides, ITO coatings are also used for coverslips and beam splitters in fluorescence microscopy.

Our ITO microscope slides are used across many research and development, medical and scientific applications.

Commonly produced using soda lime glass with characteristics such as chemical stability and hardness, The glass slides manufactured by Diamond Coatings can also be thermally or chemically strengthened, as well as glass cut to specific sizes.

On a special order basis, Diamond Coatings can also provide this advanced microscope slide with a silicon oxide barrier, preventing the diffusion of Sodium ions into the ITO layer, which will normally occur over a period of time. The longevity and quality of ITO coated glass microscope slides is increased by the use of the SiO2 layer.

We have a range of sizes and grades available offering high levels of transmittance in various dimensions, thickness and resistances. Diamond Coatings also supply on request slides up to a maximum size of 400 x 500mm.

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Diamond Coatings offer a wide range of premium quality ITO coated glass microscope glass slides and coverslips which can be purchased directly from our website. ITO microscope slides can also be supplied with silver polymers/ busbars for ease of electrical current application, if required.

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