ITO Touch Panel Supplier

From our beloved smartphones to automotive displays and medical devices, touch screens help make the world a better place, in some small form.

ITO Touch Panel Supplier

Where would we be without touch screens in our lives? How would we survive?! From our beloved smartphones to automotive displays and medical devices, touch screens help make the world a better place, in some small form.

ITO (indium Tin oxide) is a clear substance that is electrically conductive. When you combine these two factors, you have something that becomes very useful in our modern world and the technology we now use on a daily basis.

ITO Touch Panels

Touch screens or touch panels can be produced using two different methods: capacitive or resistive.

A capacitive touch panel works by applying a thin film of ITO to the surface of a screen, either as glass or a thin plastic film. Capacitive touch panels will register a human touch – there is a change in the charge across the screen, which helps the device determine the location and nature of the touch.

Capacitive screens will identify complicated gestures such as swipes and pinches. Because of this, capacitive screens are used more widely in the manufacture of phones and tablets.

A resistive touch panel works differently whilst still utilising Indium Tin Oxide. Downward pressure on the panel affects the circuit beneath the screen. Resistive panels can only pick up a simple gesture, a ‘prod’ if you will.

Although this might seem like a negative when compared to a capacitive screen, resistive screens are significantly tougher. As a result, resistive screens are seen more often in public facing environments, as well as being utilised in the medical and military industries.

Diamond Coatings ITO Touch Panel Supplier

Diamond Coatings is a well-established UK company, specialising in all things ITO. One of the things we do very well is produce ITO touch panels, in both versions – capacitive and resistive.

Based in the Midlands, we have fast become the leading ITO touch panel supplier in the UK. Our touch panels are available in sizes up to 1000 mm x 1000 mm, ready to order in development or production volumes.

Our touch panels can be manufactured to order on glass or plastic (flexible or rigid). We can also supply with hard coated and anti-reflection finishes if required.

Interested? If you are looking for a trusted ITO touch panel supplier, please get in touch with us. A member of our technical team would be happy to discuss your specific requirements.




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