Where can you get copper slug tape?

Copper slug tape is widely available online, yet not all tapes measure up the same. Our copper tape is the most optimum version you can get in the UK.

Where can you get copper slug tape?

Slugs can be seen as a bit of a pest but they do actually contribute quite a lot to a garden’s health and ecosystem, such as processing dead plants. They do however like a bit of a nibble on our homegrown veg, so slug repellents are often sought after.

There is an issue with the 2 main ‘solutions’ to getting rid of slugs. The slug pellets will contribute a negative effect to eco-system, even the ‘harmless’ iron phosphate versions will alter the biodiversity of your garden.

The other option is a beer trap – in principle a good idea, but that beer attracts even more slugs to your garden from around the neighbourhood. The slug party can become a real thing…

No one wants a slug party… I have heard they get a bit messy.

Gardeners are now turning to copper tape as a way of directing slugs and snails away from their plants and vegetable patches. Why? The answer is a little shocking (sorry). Slugs and snails secrete mucus from their bodies (the slime trails that are visible). When passing over copper, this mucus reacts and causes a little electric shock.

So where can you get copper slug tape?

Copper slug tape is widely available online, yet not all tapes measure up the same. We believe that the copper tape we produce is the most optimum version you can get in the UK.

In fact, Internal testing against products supplied by leading copper tape manufacturers revealed that Diamond Coatings copper tape is the most conducting tape currently on the market.

Available in standard widths of 6 mm, 12 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm (non-standard widths can also be supplied upon request) and 20m rolls, our copper tape is generally used for sealing gaps on RFI/EMI sensitive enclosures and fixing/sealing Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coated windows into apertures for instance. However, it is also super effective as a slug deterrent!

Our copper tape is made with a strong adhesive so you can apply to anywhere in the garden. Ensuring the surface is dry, the tape will stick to most surfaces (the smoother the better, although the tape will adhere to the base of fruit trees adequately, as an example).

This simple yet effective slug repellent offer better eco options over the beer traps and pellets and also has the added advantage of turning a lovely shade of green when it oxidises over time – the perfect look for any garden.

You can purchase our copper slug tape right here on our website (just click the link). If we can help you with anything else, please get in touch, we would be happy to hear from you.




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