Indium Tin Oxide Conducting Coated Glass

As a thin film coating, Indium Tin Oxide can be applied to various substrates including plastics and glass, making the substrate conductive.

Indium Tin Oxide Conducting Coated Glass

For those that don’t know, Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) is an optically clear substance, that as well as being transparent, is also electrically conductive. As a thin film coating, Indium Tin Oxide can be applied to various substrates including plastics and glass, making the substrate conductive.

Indium Tin Oxide Conducting Coated Glass Applications

Why would you need conductive glass? Do you really need glass to carry an electric charge? The actual applications of ITO coated glass a varied and very commonplace. For instance, if you are reading this on a smartphone or tablet, there’s a really good chance your screen uses Indium Tin Oxide to power the touch commands of your screen.

Other applications include low emission smart glass (where transparency and opacity can be regulated at the touch of a button, providing better eco options using less heat or air conditioning within an interior).

Heated windows using the electric charge provided by an ITO coating on glass also allows for optimum visual clarity, even in extreme environments – such as aeroplane and helicopter cockpits. This same technology is now being used by leading car manufacturers and even in supermarket freezer doors.

Other ITO Coated Glass Applications

Indium Tin Oxide coatings can also be used to make Infra-red mirrors and FIR filters because ITO coatings with low surface resistance and a higher film thickness have a good reflection in the upper infrared wavelength range.

Conductive transparent Indium Tin Oxide conducting coatings can shield electromagnetic fields. Due to the low surface electrical resistances available, ITO coatings can be an ideal solution for the construction of EMI protection windows that must transmit visible light and shield electromagnetic radio waves.

Conducting coated glass is also particularly useful for electron microscopy. By charging the glass slide, there is no need to charge the specimen, allowing for a longer period of inspection before specimen deterioration.

Diamond Coatings Indium Tin Oxide Conducting Coated Glass

Diamond Coatings have positioned themselves as the global industry leader when it comes to ITO coatings. We have decades of experience in this field, servicing clients across the world, including Nasa, leading high end car manufacturers, and the medical and military industry, and many more.

Our range of ITO coated glass is extensive with the option for ‘off the shelf’ purchases directly from our online store. We also offer a hugely customisable service on all our products, working with each customer on an individual basis to provide the perfect product based on their requirements.

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