Can You Have An Anti Reflective Coating?

Reflections can be unwanted and potentially dangerous, so the question ‘Can you have an anti reflective coating’ is a valid one - the good news is, yes you can.

Can You Have An Anti Reflective Coating?

There are times when reflections are invaluable – there’s a good few of us (if not all of us?)  that simply could not live without a mirror! Then there are times when reflections are unwanted and potentially dangerous, so the question ‘Can you have an anti reflective coating’ is a valid one, and the good news is, yes you can.

Why Anti Reflective Coatings Are Important

Short answer is that anti reflective coatings are important as they reduce or stop totally any reflections. That’s a bit too obvious, so let’s take a look at anti reflective coatings in use in ‘real world’ situations.

One great example of an anti reflection application in operation would be on the surface of a solar panel. If the glass covering the panel reflected the solar rays, the panel and the cells within would be useless! Pretty obvious, but also obvious is the importance of anti reflective properties in action.

Another common usage is for spectacles, with no real need for further explanation. Anti reflective lenses assist in better visual experiences in eye glasses.

Other Applications For Anti Reflective Coatings

If you have ever been lucky enough to attend a corporate day out at a sporting event, you may have had access to a VIP area, normally sectioned with glass. You can still enjoy the game through the huge glass windows whilst enjoying a prawn sandwich or two…

These glass sections often have an anti reflective coating on the interior side to maximise the  viewing experience.

You may have unknowingly come across anti reflective coatings in museums and art galleries. Art of all forms should be showcased in the best way possible, and the majority of exhibits now utilise anti reflective coatings for optimum viewing. Although now common in these environments, anti reflective coatings on glass or plastic are now being used more and more in domestic environments too.

Covid and Anti Reflective Coatings

The last 2 years have been so testing for all of us. The world has changed and as a race we have had to adapt accordingly. Covid plastic screens have been installed in most retail and customer facing environments and have helped to reduce the spread of the virus. Anti reflective coatings have been applied to these screens, in some cases on both sides of the screen, to provide a slightly more pleasant (not really the right word but…) experience.

Safety visors have also become commonplace in recent times as a part of our daily lives. Diamond Coatings were swift to respond to a growing need for these visors to be available as an anti reflective option.

Diamond Coatings Anti Reflective Coatings

We have a range of anti reflective options available, in either film or coating formats. The film can be purchased directly from us HERE, in either rolls or in sheets with prices starting from a little over £11.00.

Alternatively, we are happy to apply a coating directly to your chosen glass or plastic. If you require an anti reflective coatings application, please get in touch with us today.




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