Diamond Special Thin Film Optical Coatings

Diamond Coatings supply an extensive range of special thin film optical coatings within the visible & infra-red regions of the light spectrum.

Using semiconductor and oxide layers with an approximate wavelength range of between 300 nm and 20 microns, Diamond Coatings supply an extensive range of special thin film optical coatings within the visible & infra-red (IR) regions of the light spectrum.

Diamond Optical Thin Film Coatings

Available on a diversity of optical polymers, glasses and sapphire, our special optical coatings can be supplied in visible, near-IR and IR wavelength ranges and include, for example:

  • Highly efficient anti-reflection coatings (broadband multi-layer AR & V coats) with reflections below 0.5%
  • Beamsplitters providing varying transmission/reflection value ranges such as, for instance, 70/30 or 50/50 (+/- 1.5%)
  • Front surface mirrors providing reflections exceeding 99%
  • Hot mirrors (IR blocking filters)
  • Edge, bandpass & narrow band filters

Diamond AR Coatings

Providing average reflectance below 0.5% over a broad wavelength range (UV, visible & IR regions), our broadband multi-layer AR coatings can be designed for a diversity of substrates, incidence angles, wavelengths and performances. Our capabilities also extend to the design of dual-band AR coatings.

Typically used within applications involving specific laser wavelengths, our V coat anti-reflective coatings can be produced for diverse incidence angles. At single wavelengths, it is possible to achieve reflections below 0.1%.

Diamond Beamsplitters

Reflecting a portion of incident light and reflecting the remainder, beamsplitters are most commonly used at incidence angles of 45º. We are, however, capable of designing them for other angles.

For angular insensitive, simple requirements, use of metal coatings is a viable option providing comparatively large amounts of absorption are acceptable. All-dielectric designs can provide spectrally flat reflectance & transmittance curves over bandwidths of approximately 300nm.

Diamond Edge Filters

Use of a design much like that of all-dielectric high reflectors enables production of short or long wave pass filters for varying angles of incidence.

Used to reflect one portion of an incident spectrum and transmit another, edge filters can, for example, be used as:

  • “Cold mirrors”, which transmit the infra-red portion and reflect the visible one;
  • “Hot mirrors”, which transmit the visible portion and reflect the infra-red one;
  • UV light filters or
  • Colour filters

Diamond Coatings have the capacity to design & manufacture edge filters for a diversity of incidence angles.

Diamond Thin Film Optical Coatings Durability

Depending on specific designs and deposition processes, our special optical coatings typically conform with all common (incl. MIL-M-13508 & MIL-C-675) optical specifications’ cosmetic and durability requirements.

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