Specialist Glass Manufacturers: ITO Coated Specialist Glass Products

Specialist Glass Manufacturers: Diamond Coatings are market-leading suppliers of ITO coated specialist glass products suitable for a diversity of applications.

Specialist Glass Manufacturers: While we do not manufacture the glass we use as substrates for our coatings ourselves, Diamond Coatings Ltd are market-leading suppliers of ITO coated specialist glass products suitable for a diversity of applications.

Coated Specialist Glass Products

Specialising in ITO, anti-reflective and other special optical coatings, Diamond Coatings currently offer an extensive range of specialist coated glass products including:

Cinema Projector Glass – An industry-leading, proven E60 fire-rated AR coated projector glass designed specifically to provide optimal optical performance in the digital projection of media.

Currently used by cinemas across Europe and the UK, our projector glass offers a typical average visible transmission rate of 96 per cent at wavelengths ranging from 450nm to 650nm.

Suitable for both 3D and 2D cinema projection, this glass offers optimal optical properties at a port size of 600mm x 600mm. The maximum size available is 1,000mm x 1,000mm.

For more detailed information, please download the data sheet here.

OLED Grade Glass – This smooth-surfaced indium tin oxide coated type of glass is suitable for a diversity of OLED type applications.

The surface of this glass type has been rendered suitable for deposition of ultra-thin subsequent layers by ion-modified magnetron sputtering the ITO coating onto glass with polished surfaces.

We currently offer two types of soda lime float (1.1mm thick) OLED Grade glass, SL-P-12 and SL-P-80, which offer 86 per cent transmittance (at 550nm) and respective sheet resistivities of 12 ohms/sq. (ITO coating thickness: 135nm) and 80 ohms/sq. (ITO coating thickness: 25nm).

Depending on the selected type, OLED Grade glass can be supplied in full size sheets (max. size: 400mm x 500mm) or precision diced pieces (min. size: 10mm x 10mm).

Download the data sheet for OLED Grade glass here.

ITO Coated Glass, Slides & Coverslips – Offering an extensive range of Diamox and Diamox+ ITO coated glass including microscope slides and coverslips, we can supply coatings on substrates including:

  • BK7 Glass
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Fused Quartz Glass
  • Fused Silica Glass
  • Soda Lime Float Glass

These substrates can be provided:

  • Fully dimensioned
  • Polished to comply with specific flatness/optical requirements
  • Profiled with radius, chamfers, cut-outs and holes as required

We can also offer thermally/chemically toughened glass options and/or diverse other enhancements (i.e. printed graphics/borders, anti-glare finishes).

Diamox Coating Data Sheet

Diamox+ Coating Data Sheet

AR Coating Data Sheet

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