ITO Coating on Glass Substrates

At Diamond Coatings, we produce high quality ITO glass for a range of applications.

ITO Coating on Glass Substrates

At Diamond Coatings, we produce high quality ITO glass for a range of applications used throughout the World. Our expertise and attention to detail enables us to produce ITO coated glass with low resistance, while maintaining a high degree of transparency.

So what is ITO glass used for? It may come as a surprise but you probably use it every day… For instance, your mobile phone or tablet may be utilising ITO glass to allow touchscreen commands. Other well used applications include microscope slides and coverslips, aircraft heated windows and other specialist glass applications.

The use of ITO in EMF/EMI/EMC/RFI/HF shielding applications is also commonplace. Diamond Coatings have also worked with the military and both The European Space Agency and NASA.

One interesting area where ITO coated glass is used is in solar power. ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coated glass is the perfect solution for optimum conductivity in solar cells and other devices. A functional solar cell requires conductive glass slides for efficient and optimum conductivity.

Efficient Properties of ITO Coated Glass

ITO coated glasses are made by depositing a thin, uniform layer of Indium Tin Oxide over a glass substrate. This makes ITO coated glass substrate attain excellent conductive and high transmittance properties, hence, making the ITO glass an N-type semiconductor.

Our ITO glass substrate production process comprises of carefully coating a thin, uniform layer of Indium Tin Oxide over a high-end glass substrate. This process is extremely delicate as it is carried out in tightly controlled vacuum-based conditions. We use the reliable Magnetron Sputtering Method to coat the glass substrate with ITO.

Technical Properties

Diamond Coatings can design and customise ITO coated glass slides in varying sizes and specifications according to our customer’s requirements. Aside from the varying size, our ITO coated glasses have general properties that make it a suitable solution for various industries:

  • Dimensions – Varies as per the customer’s requirements.
  • Surface Resistivity – Available as low as 2.5 ohms/sq all the way up to 1500 ohms/sq.
  • Transmittance – coating dependant but up to 85%

Why Diamond Coatings?

We are one of the leading producers and providers of ITO glass not only in the UK but also all across the world. Contact us today and we can discuss how we can help you get ITO glass substrates according to your specified needs.




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