Interactive Touch Screen Manufacturer

We use ITO in the production of our touch screens due to its superior optical transparency and electrical conductivity.

Interactive Touch Screen Manufacturer

Interactive touch screens are now very much an essential part of our daily lives. They are used in retail, industrial, entertainment, automotive, digital signage and many other applications.

Diamond Coatings Interactive Touch Screen Manufacturer

Diamond Coatings are a well-established global supplier of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coatings, used in a variety of industries and products. Our past clients include Nasa and many leading automotive companies. We are also an interactive touch screen manufacturer.

We use ITO in the production of our touch screens due to its superior optical transparency and electrical conductivity, available as both glass or plastic. We offer both resistive and capacitive touch screens, which have different mechanics and offer differing advantages that make each more suited to certain applications and products.

The touch screens can be used in many areas, such as education, entertainment, retail and leisure as well as many other commercial and industrial applications.

What is the difference between resistive and capacitive touch screens?

The basic difference is with resistive screens there needs to be an element of pressure involved with the touch, either by finger of stylus. The downward pressure to the screen is minimal yet effective in transmission of data. Capacitive touch screens work differently, utilising the fact that the human body is naturally conductive.

Surprising fact – Capacitive touch screens were invented a decade before resistive touch screens.

Resistive Touch Screens

Resistive screens enable a completely variable X-Y detection of the touch point (capacitive screens tend to have fixed areas to touch). Diamond Coatings can provide a complete, ready to use, X-Y resistive screen, including all patterning, bonding and connections. We can also offer fully shielded touchscreens.

Capacitive Touch Screens

Capacitive touch screens have a higher visible transmission (around 90%) than resistive touch screens (around 70%). Using our index matching technology, we can make a capacitive touch screen with the same visible transmission as uncoated glass or plastic.

More Information

Diamond Coatings can provide anything from development to production volumes in both resistive and capacitive touch screens. The screens can be provided with anti-glare and other finishes as required and produced on glass or plastic (flexible or rigid). Available in sizes up to 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm.

For additional information regarding Diamond Coatings as your preferred interactive touch screen manufacturer and/or to discuss specific requirements, please contact us on Tel.: +44 (0) 121 550 9430 or +44 (0) 8451 360 603 (Local Rate) or via e-mail: now.




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Diamond Coatings operate a state-of-the-art magnetron sputtering plant, equipped with clean rooms, from modern factory premises located in the heart of England, the Midlands. We provide a variety of products, namely Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), Anti-reflection (AR) coatings on plastic or glass, monolithic RFI shielding filters on plastic or glass, Touchscreens, capacitive or resistive, glass supply, mesh windows.
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