Can you get heated windows?

The simple answer is yes, the long answer is using differing levels of technological expertise for different results, let us explain…

Can you get heated windows?

The simple answer is yes, the long answer is using differing levels of technological expertise for different results, let us explain…

The most basic form of a heated window would be similar to the rear window in cars – thin wires running through the glass that demist relatively easily and quickly. The issue with this is the actual wires themselves; your vision becomes impaired somewhat.

What if there was a better way?

There is! Of course there is, and we are going to tell you all about it. Just in case you hadn’t heard of it before, there is a very clever compound known as Indium Tin oxide (ITO). It’s clever because of how it is being used in modern day tech – ITO is both transparent and electrically conductive… and can be deposited as a thin film onto substrates such as plastic and glass.

Electrically conductive glass – you might be able to see where we are headed here. ITO coated glass has opened up a vast number of opportunities and is used in many different industries, in a diverse range of applications. ITO glass is used in the production of touchscreen devices, low E smart glass, cinema projector glass and even slides for electromicroscopy.

Heated Windows: Applications

ITO heated windows are being used with great effect in trains, aircrafts and any transport operating in harsh environments and low temperatures. Even some luxury cars now come with ITO heated windows as standard.

Heated ITO coated windows offer not only a transparent, heated surface, but also prevents condensation, misting, ice build-up on windows and the need to manual de-ice windows. The vision offered to a driver through the use of ITO heated windows helps reduce the risk of obstructed view and resultant negative outcomes.

With ITO heated windows, visibility is not impaired by the presence of physical wires, and heating is evenly achieved over the entire surface.

Driver visibility is obviously highly correlated to safety and with the elimination of visual distraction and increase in visibility offered by using heated windows, a higher level of safety can be assured.

Diamond Coatings Heated Windows

Diamond Coatings specialise in the design and manufacture of quality heated ITO coated optical windows. Indium Tin Oxide can be applied to plastic and glass substrates, as a transparent and heatable film.

Diamond Coatings are able vacuum deposit indium tin oxide coatings to any sheet resistance as low as 2.5 ohms/sq, in our state-of-the-art vacuum coating plants. Transparent ITO heaters can be designed specifically for any area requiring heating.

The power density required for optimum heating uniformity, optical performance and light transmission can be ascertained by calculating the required thickness of the conductive ITO coating and sheet resistances.

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