The Leading AR Optical Coatings Supplier

After decades in the industry, Diamond Coatings has established itself as the leading supplier of AR optical coatings globally.

The Leading AR Optical Coatings Supplier

After decades in the industry, Diamond Coatings has established itself as the leading supplier of AR optical coatings globally. Our ethos revolves around innovation and relentless dedication to pushing the boundaries, offering a spectrum of AR (anti-reflective) optical coatings that span across diverse applications and industries.

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Anti-reflective coatings have become an integral part of modern day technology, revolutionising how we engage with screens, displays, and various optical devices.

Among the standout offerings is our Diamond AR coating—a versatile, adaptable solution crafted to cater to an array of customer needs. Whether it’s enriching display visibility in bright settings or minimising distracting reflections, Diamond AR coating delivers unwavering clarity and top-tier performance.

For applications that demand unparalleled precision, our Diamond AR Vac stands as the go-to choice. This coating, deposited under vacuum at varying wavelengths, allows precise tailoring to meet specific customer prerequisites. Boasting an average reflection rate of merely 0.5%, Diamond AR Vac sets a new benchmark for optical precision and performance.

In scenarios where both anti-reflection and conductivity take precedence, the Diamond AR Cond takes the stage. This multi-layer AR coating integrates a conductive ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coating, offering a solution that excels in both optical clarity and electrical conductivity.

Applications of AR Optical Coatings by Diamond Coatings

The applications for Diamond Coatings’ AR optical innovations are as varied as the environments they enhance. Within consumer electronics, our coatings find homes in smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Within industrial and medical displays, where precision is paramount, Diamond Coatings’ solutions ensure that vital information is presented with unparalleled clarity. In healthcare settings, our coatings aid in accurate diagnoses by delivering clear, detailed images on diagnostic displays.

Architectural designs reach new heights with the integration of Diamond AR coatings. Vast windows in commercial spaces provide unobstructed views, free from reflections that hinder visual appreciation. Museums and galleries benefit from our coatings, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in works of art without any unwanted reflections.

Tailored Solutions for Varied Substrates

Recognising the need for tailored solutions for different substrates, our coatings achieve remarkable light transmission rates. With glass and polycarbonate coated on one side, we achieve exceptional light transmission rates of 94% and 91%, respectively. When coatings are applied to both sides, these rates rise to an impressive 96% for glass and 95% for polycarbonate.

Our conductive AR coatings also excel in performance, boasting a typical sheet resistance of 1000+ ohms/sq. This ensures not just exceptional visual appeal but also seamless functionality across a wide array of applications.

Beyond Off-the-Shelf Options

At Diamond Coatings, we can provide more than just off-the-shelf offerings. Understanding the uniqueness of every application, we are committed to collaborating closely with our clients, crafting bespoke coatings perfectly aligned with their vision and project goals. This commitment to tailored solutions is what sets us apart as the premier supplier of AR optical coatings.

If you seek an anti-reflective solution that fits your exact needs, why not contact us today? Our technical team are here ready to engage and cater to your requirements.




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