Are you looking for specialist glass suppliers?

You need anti reflective glass? We supply! You want a glass that is electrically conductive? Our ITO coated glass options is unrivalled and industry leading…

Are you looking for specialist glass suppliers?

It’s important to point out that we do not actually manufacture the glass, but our specialist coatings take glass to another level. You need anti reflective glass? We supply! You want a glass that is electrically conductive? Our ITO coated glass options are unrivalled and industry leading…

Anti Reflective Glass

Our anti reflective coating is applied to glass and used in a variety of applications, from medical through to the entertainment industry. Intensive care units and neonatal care will utilise anti reflective glass to ensure optimum visual clarity. This same benefit carries over into the aviation industry as well as the military.

Retail environments are often well lit – and this lighting can cause reflections that are not wanted within a store (or store window) so anti reflective glass is a great option. Football stadium corporate boxes will also enjoy the anti reflective properties that come from our coated glass.

The pandemic also brought up the need for anti reflective options in covid screens. As well as coated glass, we provided thin film that could be applied to standard plastic screens or glass to offer anti reflective benefits.

Art galleries and museums are also now enjoying the benefits of anti reflective glass to showcase their artifacts in the best possible way.

ITO Glass

If you are not aware of ITO (Indium Tin oxide) coated glass, this may surprise you – you probably use it in some form every day. ITO is a clear substance that also has the ability to carry an electric charge across the surface of the glass – the glass is conductive whilst remaining totally transparent.

Touch screen devices commonly use ITO glass to monitor a user’s touch and location of touch. Another use of ITO glass is for low emission smart glass (where transparency and opacity can be regulated at the touch of a button, providing better eco options using less heat or air conditioning within an interior).

Heated windows using ITO glass allow for optimum visual clarity, even in extreme environments – such as aeroplane and helicopter cockpits. This same technology is now being used by leading car manufacturers and even in supermarket freezer doors.

Indium Tin Oxide coated glass is also particularly useful for electron microscopy. By charging the glass slide, there is no need to charge the specimen, allowing for a longer period of inspection before specimen deterioration.

As a specialist glass supplier, we offer an extensive range of Diamox and Diamox+ ITO coated glass including microscope slides and coverslips, we can supply coatings on substrates including:

  • BK7 Glass
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Fused Quartz Glass
  • Fused Silica Glass
  • Soda Lime Float Glass

Diamond Coatings specialist glass suppliers

With decades of experience and an unrivalled reputation for being one of the UKs best specialist glass suppliers we are here to serve. How can we help? Please get in touch with us. A member of our technical team would be happy to discuss your specific requirements.




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