What Is Conductive Tape Used For?

What Is Conductive Tape Used For?

Electrically conductive tapes have a wide variety of uses, including shielding against EMI/RFI radiation, grounding, and resistance applications whilst eliminating the need for a secondary grounding solution, such as fasteners or screws.

Conductive tapes are suitable for a wide range of applications including PDAs, PDPs, LCD screens, Portable PCs, duplicating machines and mobile phones.

Conductive tapes are used to seal any gaps on enclosures that are RFI sensitive, specialist conductive tapes are often used to conductively connect/ground coated (ITO) windows into their respective apertures.

The easy to apply, no mess format makes conductive tapes a popular choice. The lightweight and light-space properties also make conductive tapes appealing.

There are also some surprising uses for copper tape, as we outlined in this blog – slugs and F1… Who would have thought it!

Diamond Coatings supply both aluminium and copper conductive tapes, please see more detail on these below.

Copper Tape

Diamond Coatings supply copper tape in 20 m rolls with a choice of widths (with non-standard widths available upon request). A conductive copper substrate with conductive adhesive for quick and easy application.

The tapes are used to seal gaps on RFI sensitive enclosures and can be used to fix & seal ITO coated windows into their aperture.
Following internal testing against leading manufacturers, we found our tape to be the most conducting tape along itself and the most conducting tape to a metal surface.

Aluminium Tape

As well as our copper tape, we also offer aluminium tape again in 20 m rolls. The tapes are a cost effective way to shield against EMI/RFI radiation.

Please click on the respective links above to see more on our copper and aluminium conductive tapes, where you can also purchase directly in 6, 12, 25mm widths standard stock sizes.

If you would like to discuss non-standard specific widths, please get in touch with a member of our technical team today.




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