Touch Screen Distributor

Diamond Coatings, a touch screen distributor, is a specialist coatings company that supply ITO coatings – a material that is integral to how most touchscreens work.

Touch Screen Distributor

Diamond Coatings, a touch screen distributor based in the UK, is a specialist coatings company that supply ITO coatings – a material that is integral to how most touch screens work.

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) is a clear substance that can be deposited onto glass and plastics. It is also electrically conductive and as a result is used in many technological applications, including smart and heated windows, interactive display solutions and touch screens.

There are two main types of touch screen, either resistive or capacitive. We will outline the basics of these types below, but although different, both can utilise ITO to provide the information generated from a touch to the device in question.

A capacitive touch screen works by having a thin layer of ITO deposited across the front of the screen of the device. Human skin is marginally conductive, so a charged screen can pinpoint the touch and also the precise nature of the touch – a swipe or pinch for instance.

Capacitive screens are mostly used in end user applications, such as a smartphone, tablet or touch screen laptops.

A resistive screen works differently and as such is used in more public facing environments, where a higher level of use is expected and a higher level of robustness is required. A layer of ITO is sandwiched between two layers of plastic. When a user touches the screen in a specific place, the ITO layer can identify the location due to a break in charge from the downward pressure exerted.

Resistive screens are especially useful as they do not require a humans actual touch, in the way that capacitive screens do – if you are wearing a normal pair of gloves, a capacitive screen will not work, and now you have a good idea why!

Resistive screens are used in cashpoint machines, supermarket self-serve kiosks and within the medical and military industries, to name just a few examples. Now you know the difference of the two screens, you will most likely see the two types all around you from now on…

Diamond Coatings Touch Screen Distributor

Diamond Coatings can provide both capacitive and resistive touch screens, from development to production volumes, and in sizes ranging up to 1m x 1m. The screens can be provided with anti-glare and other finishes as required, and produced on glass or plastic (flexible or rigid).

Capacitive touch screens have a higher visible transmission (around 90%) than resistive touch screens (around 70%). Using our index matching technology we can make a capacitive touch screen with the same visible transmission as uncoated glass or plastic.

Resistive screens enable a completely variable X-Y detection of the touch point (capacitive screens tend to have fixed areas to touch). Diamond Coatings can provide a complete, ready to use, X-Y resistive screen, including all patterning, bonding and connections. We can also offer fully shielded touchscreens.

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