Should I Get Anti Reflective Coating?

Anti reflective coatings are used in a variety of applications, with the primary aim of reducing reflections and light glare.

Should I Get Anti Reflective Coating?

Anti reflective coatings are used in a variety of applications, with the primary aim of reducing reflections and light glare. It’s not hard to imagine where and why anti reflective coatings are being used, and we list some of these below – some obvious, some not so.

Spectacles are an obvious choice, with more and more lenses now coming with anti reflective coatings. When reflections are cut, more light will pass through to provide optimal vision. It is also said that anti reflective coatings will reduce eye strain and provide a better aesthetic.

Sports stadiums sometimes utilise anti reflective coatings within their screened off areas, such as VIP lounges. The anti reflective coating will provide better views of the pitch or track, without the internal light glare having a negative effect.

This same principle is applied to other environments such as medical observation rooms and even TV studios. For the former, you can understand how important it is for health professionals to have the best possible, unobstructed view.

How about a solar panel? It wouldn’t be too useful if most of the UV rays it was trying to capture were reflected! Using an anti reflective coating on the panel glass maximises the panels eventual output.

In a small way, Diamond Coatings were alert to the issues that Covid19 brought – namely the issue of reflections, both on PPE and safety screens. We moved quickly to produce a range of anti reflective PPE which was used widely by both the medical industry and the general public. We also supplied anti reflective film which was used to enhance the optical clarity on clear plastic screens – which were suffering from light glare and other reflections.

Aquariums also benefit hugely from anti reflective solutions, as do both art galleries and museums, allowing exhibits and artefacts to remain well lit with no reflection on the protective glass. When you consider that galleries in particular are nearly always well lit – or at least with good lighting pointing at each work, anti reflective coatings have really helped achieve a better viewing experience.

In fact, this same principle is being used more widespread within homes. We supply cost effective sheets of clear anti reflective film (along with a clear adhesive) that customers are using to enhance their works of art and framed photos at home.

Should You Get An Anti Reflective Coating?

It depends on your exact requirements, but when you look at some of the applications listed above, the answer could well be yes. If you have a specific anti reflective coating query, get in touch with us and we will guide you to the best solution. Even if you are looking to apply an anti reflective element to your framed pictures or windows at home, we can help with that, with our ‘off the shelf’ products available.

Diamond Coatings Anti Reflective Coatings

We have a range of anti reflective options available, in either film or coating formats. The film can be purchased directly from us HERE, in either rolls or in sheets with prices starting from a little over £11.00.

Alternatively, we are happy to apply a coating directly to your chosen glass or plastic. If you require an anti reflective coatings application please get in touch with us today. Alternatively, you are very welcome to browse our products.




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