ITO Glass Slides

Diamond Coatings are proud to announce the introduction of a new range of ITO coated glass slides for research and development. Please see our range of grades and sizes.

Diamond Coatings are proud to announce the introduction of a new range of ITO coated glass slides for research and development.

New ITO Glass Slides

Coated with high quality indium tin oxide with a resistivity of 1.6 x 10-6 Ohm.m, our new R & D ITO glass slides consist of 1.1 mm thick soda lime float glass with a 25 nm thick barrier coating of silicon oxide (SiO2).

Soda Lime Glass

The most commonly used glass due its comparatively inexpensive cost of processing, soda lime glass is made by the glass being drawn over baths of molten tin. The side facing up (air side) is typically smoother and flatter than the side facing the tin. Soda lime glass supplied comes in three different options, standard, chemically or thermally toughened. The glass can also be cut to varying sizes.

Si02 Barrier on ITO Glass Slides

The silicon oxide barrier coating is placed between the glass and the ITO layer. It was introduced to inhibit the diffusion of Sodium (Na) ions out of the soda lime glass. If not blocked by a barrier layer these Sodium ions can disrupt performance of both the ITO and any devices grown on the ITO. As such, the SiO2 barrier subsequently increases the quality and longevity of ITO glass slides.

Available Grades

Our new ITO glass slides are available in three different grades:

  • 15 Ohm/sq ITO standard coating with 88% transmittance
  • 5 Ohms/sq ITO standard coating with 82% transmittance
  • 15 Ohm/sq ITO OLED grade with 86% transmittance

The OLED grade option has a smoother surface than the two prior options.

Standard Sizes

Available standard sizes of ITO glass slides held in stock include:

  • 75 mm x 25 mm
  • 25 mm x 25 mm
  • 20 mm x 10 mm

We can also supply a variety of other sizes (up to a maximum size of 400 mm x 500 mm).

Learn more about ITO Glass Slides

More detailed information on our ITO glass slides and other products can be obtained by e-mailing us at: or calling Tel.: +44 (0) 121 550 9430 or +44 (0) 8451 360 603 (Local Rate). Our advisors will be happy to discuss your research and development department’s specific requirements.




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