Diamox+ Index Matched (Indium Tin Oxide) ITO


DIAMOX+ boasts all the characteristics of DIAMOX but provides for an index matched ITO oxide coating.

The DIAMOX+ index matched Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coating offers significantly improved light transmission compared with standard ITO oxide coatings.

The DIAMOX+ coating is a multi-layer coating of quartz and metal oxides. The thickness of the quartz is carefully controlled to suppress unwanted reflection and enhance the transmission. DIAMOX+ is available deposited onto glass, polycarbonate and acrylic substrates. Sheet sizes up to 1000mmx1000mm are currently available.

Diamox+ Index Matched (Indium Tin) ITO Oxide

Product Information

Spectral Typical transmission curves for DIAMOX Standard and DIAMOX+ indexed matched ITO oxide (15 ohms/sq) are in the data sheet.

Light Transmission on Glass and Polycarbonate Substrates (20 ohms/sq)

Glass Polycarbonate
One Side Coated 92% 84%


The above are typical peak transmissions in the wavelength range 525 to 600nm.


There is no evidence of optical degradation or a reduction in coating adhesion or sheet resistance when DIAMOX ITO oxide coatings have been subjected to Thermal Cycling, Salt Spray and Humidity Cycling (To MIL STD 48497).

EMI/RFI Shielding Effectiveness

Using test methods consistent with MIL-STD-215, DIAMOX ITO offers a shielding effectiveness up to 58dB at 1MH and 26dB at 1GH.

Transmission Graphs

Diamond Coatings produce a vast range of ITO Oxide, Index Matched & Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coatings – many of which are designed specifically to meet customers optical requirements, we can provide transmission & reflection graphs for all of our optical coatings.

If you have specific optical requirements please contact us and our technical team can design and recommend a coatings solution that will best meet the criteria for your application.


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